4 Reasons Why Silent Party Headphones Trend Is Here To Stay For a Long Time

If you are on social media, you might have caught up on the latest party trend that has been enthralling the Indians across all states these days. We are referring to the silent disco headphones and silent party trend that has become the latest fad around town.

In fact, it has been around for a while now, but since the release of movie ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’, the trend has caught up steam and has been going strong and fast. And why are we crediting the spread of silent party wireless headphones to a Karan Johar movie? Well, the movie had a song called ‘The Break up Song?’ do you remember? In the song, you could see, actors Anushka Sharma & Ranbir Kapoor grooving to the tunes of DJ Alia Bhatt wearing really cool looking headphones or – silent headphones!


These superior quality silent wireless headphones are far different from their regular counterparts. With the aid of these silent party headphones, you can listen to the DJ music without a single sound spilling out. In fact, you also have a choice of changing music channels and dance to your favorite song that can be quite different from the person dancing next to you. But it doesn’t bother either of you because you both are wearing silent party wireless headphones!

Besides this super cool reason to buy these specially designed headphones, we are enlisting 4 obvious reasons why the silent party headphone trend is here to stay for a long time. The silent disco wireless headphones rentals are available throughout India. So, you better start planning to buy or rent one real soon for your next party night!

1. No disturbance to anyone

With Silent Party’s headphones, you can be assured about one thing. They won’t disturb anyone around you, not the person sleeping in the building next to your party place, not even the child studying in the school nearby to the venue. In fact, they won’t even disturb the person standing next to you because silent party headphones comes with active noise cancellation system.

2. No breaking of any loud noise rules

The government’s restriction of ‘no loud music after 10 pm’ in public places is no longer valid here. Because these special wireless headphones are not letting a single sound come out. Now you can party whole night long without a care! It is seriously environment friendly.

3. Multiple songs playing at the same time

These best silent headphones comes with music channel selection of up to 3 channels. One can now listen to the songs on various channels of their choice. You no longer have to wait for a song to get over for the DJ to start playing a new song. He is playing new songs simultaneously already!

4. No need to search for venue

You no longer have to search for a party to happen. You make your own party happen with silent headphones eve in your living room! Be your own DJ, plan your own party and chill away the night!

These crafted silent headphones trend is here to stay for a long time. So, it is advisable to invest in your very own pair too. silentpartyheadphones.com are premium providers of high-tech silent party wireless headphones in attractive designs on rent. You can also purchase your very own silent party wireless headphones at lowest possible cost. Plan your very own silent garba, silent dandiya, silent movie or silent DJ party with best silent party headphones!

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