Women’s Cosmic Individuality Quiz: Are You a Star Girl or an Earth Mom?

Star Women of all ages are visionary leaders, and targeted on the long run. Earth
Mothers are targeted on nurturing, caring, and giving. Being aware of which of
these attractive visuals greatest represents you can lend you a far better
comprehension of your have character and increase your interactions with
other individuals.

All females have the two Earth Mom and Star Lady characteristics, but a person
is your primary identity. When the circumstance involves it, we can phone forth
the other identity style to help us.”

Obtain out wherever you stand in the cosmos. Give you a single position for
each and every statement that is most usually legitimate about you:

  1. I would relatively guide than adhere to.
  2. I loathe housework.
  3. I often dreamed of possessing my own company.
  4. I am really formidable.
  5. I like envisioning the long run and producing it happen.
  6. I take far more challenges than most other people today.
  7. I am decisive.
  8. I am going to do almost everything to prevent sensation dependent on other folks.
  9. I normally make a lot more dollars than my husband or wife or the gentlemen I date.
  10. My partner will work for me.
  11. In a group circumstance I generally stop up taking charge.
  12. I can be so centered on my plans that I do not discover people’s feelings.
  13. I am a lot more snug getting in manage most of the time.
  14. I occasionally act like a prima donna.
  15. I pursue my plans relentlessly.
  16. I assume far more about the big photo than the aspects.
  17. I’m superior at inspiring other people today to get action.
  18. I have issue relaxing and putting operate apart.
  19. I experience that I am listed here to execute anything actually vital.
  20. I am always contemplating and setting up much ahead.


1 – 7 Details — Earth Mother

Thank goodness for robust Earth Mothers! We have to have the nurturing,
sustaining electrical power you grounded gals bring to this globe. Earth Mothers
derive great fulfillment from selflessly offering, serving and assisting other
people today. Their electricity and management abilities are directed in direction of
many others. They are the amazing females who go to to, and care for, their
families and communities.
Because Earth Moms frequently have hassle saying “no” to other individuals and
are likely to be people pleasers, you may well locate you effortless prey for
domineering adult men. Function on getting your internal middle of power so you
will have the emotional strength to make confident your demands and thoughts
are taken seriously.
8 – 13 Points — Mixture Earth Mother & Star Woman

A fantastic many women have managed to cultivate a excellent equilibrium of
equally Earth Mother and Star Girls traits. Gentle but highly effective,
blend women are a force to be reckoned with!

In specific conditions or intervals of daily life, you might find on your own leaning
much more closely to a single job or the other. Revel in your means to harmony the
blend and be happy of all you are.
14 – 20 Details — Star Woman

Welcome to the cosmic club of Star Gals! You gung-ho gals are
all-natural born leaders who are driven to set and accomplish aims and
who persuade and inspire other individuals. Bold visionaries, Star Females
are generally destined for greatness.
Though Star Gals have a wonderful masculine, motion-oriented type of
strength, you might locate on your own a minor brief in the nurturing and empathy
section. This can make you look cold or standoffish to other people.
Operate on developing a pool of far more light, receptive female strength to
stability things out and enable your softer side display.

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