A Woman’s Seder

Our relatives held a seder past night time and, in planning, my partner, Barry, observed a duplicate of the San Diego Women’s Haggadah which I and 5 other women of all ages experienced written in 1980. After the initially meeting with these women, I had gone home and felt inspired to produce the pursuing poem which was provided in our finished products

A Woman’s Seder

“It starts a week right before,

Every drawer, every shelf, is stripped and scrubbed,

A rite carried out just about every spring considering the fact that Pharaoh pressured

The preferred kinds to flee prior to their bread could increase.

I clean a dish, streaked black from last many years news

and crammed with years of spouse and children seders

And assume of Miriam,

The girl who began

Our journey to the promised land.

Did she lament the flat and tasteless bread

She served her adult men?

Or did she know that we would share her deed

Each individual spring as we recall her exodus from bondage,

That has continue to to be finish?

As smells of spring and chicken soup blend pleasingly,

I peel an apple, chop the nuts, and sip the wine,

Remembering the bricks that stood in between

Each individual ghetto female and examine of Torah.

The shank-bone roasts and fills the air

In just my fashionable dwelling

With smells of sacrifice that girls made

So that there would be seders just about every yr.

I fill a dish with bitter herbs,

But feel no bitterness,

Because I know that each individual compact activity inks me

With each and every Hebrew Woman who prepared

a seder food since G-d proclaimed that Jews

Should really rejoice their freedom each yr.

Certainly G-d under no circumstances meant

For girls to be passed above.