Globalization and Perfume

Perfume and Bvlgari perfume can be found all over the world, not only in the United States. Because of globalization, it is common to find all sorts of name brand perfumes all over the world, even Bvlgari perfume, for example. Perfume is a product that all peoples and cultures want to buy, not only Americans. Everyone wants to smell good and buy name brands.

All sorts of fragrances exist all over the world, but in the more commercial centers and big cities you can find name brand fragrances like Bvlgari perfume. Most department stores carry the name brand. These department stores can be found not only in the United States. Some countries you can find name brand perfumes in are the United States, Canada, Italy, France, England, Spain, Israel, China, Australia, among many others.

There are also many stores that have spread all over the world, in result of the global market. Stores such as the GAP, H and M, and Nine West can be found in many countries. Globalization has brought your favorite store to a town near you. If you are traveling around the world, you would be surprised to see so many products that you would think originate in America. Perhaps many products do originate in America, but they can now be found all over the place.

Europe is especially famous for expensive perfumes. In France, many women and even men wear fragrances on an almost daily basis. Perhaps it is part of their culture to have good smelling things. In the olden days, people used to wear perfume and cologne to cover up their bad body odor. It was common for people to take a bath maybe once a week. So the perfume or cologne would cover up that bad body odor until they next took a bath. People who were wealthy had the fragrances, but people who were not as well off probably smelled worse more often.

It would be interesting to see a study of how many Europeans wear fragrances versus Americans. I think both are pretty big into smelling nice. In a way, Europeans are becoming more Americanized, and Americans are becoming more European in terms of their desire for consumerism. Europeans want all of the American name brands and Americans want to be fashionable and trendy like Europeans. When an American goes to a European country, they notice the fusion of American and European culture. America has in a way been brought to Europe. You can even find a McDonald’s outside of the Pantheon in Rome! When a European is in America, they will notice a strong American culture, but also how Americans try to copy Europeans and how the American stores are trying to be more fashionable like Europeans.

So while you’re traveling abroad, you can pick up that Ralph Lauren perfume you forgot to bring with you from back in America, or even your Bvlgari perfume. These products are so common all over as we can see from the result of globalization.

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