How To Get A Woman To Leave Your Husband Alone – 5 Tips

When you find out that your husband is cheating or otherwise pursuing a relationship with another woman, a feeling of heartbreak can immediately well up inside you.

There are many shades and styles of affairs, including:

* an active crush with heavy flirting

* an emotional, non-sexual affair

* a one-night stand

* a full-fledged, ongoing sexual and emotional affair

What hurts even more is that you may suspect or even have proof as to who the other woman is. Maybe you even know her. She could be a co-worker of his that you met at a party. Or, she could be a neighbor, fellow church member, or an old friend or flame of his.

As you deal with all of these emotions that are coming up as a result of what you have found out about your husband’s affair, one of your first instincts is probably to find a way to keep her away from your husband.

If your husband is being pursued by or having a romantic relationship with another woman, here are 5 tips for how to get a woman to leave your husband alone:

1. If you live in certain U.S. states, you could make her aware of the “alienation of affection” law:

The first tactic you could consider to get this nuisance out of your family’s business is a legal one. There is a class of laws referred to in legalese as “alienation of affection.” If it can be proven to be applicable in your case, the woman could be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Note that, as of the time of this writing, these laws were only applicable in the states of North Carolina, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, Hawaii and Illinois.

2. However, the legal route is probably not the most effective one:

Even in those few states where alienation of affection laws are on the books, these laws are not invoked very frequently – making them potentially impractical to enforce in many cases of adultery.

3. Consider calling her or sending her a letter to make her aware you know what is going on:

Another option that may be easier for everyone involved and could help you get on with your life more quickly: contact the other woman by visiting, calling or sending her a letter. Let her know that you are aware of what she is up to and you would like her to step away from your husband for good.

A potential drawback to this option, however: if you somehow have your facts wrong and she is not actually having an affair with your husband, you could potentially be opening yourself up to liability for a personal harassment charge. Not only that, but there is this to consider: you do not really know who this woman is. If she is a bit crazy or not all there, you could be opening up a “fatal attraction” type of situation. That would not be pretty.

4. Appeal to her better nature by letting her know about all of the pain and suffering she is party to:

Yet another approach you could try is to politely set up a meeting with the woman (provided that you are certain that you have your facts straight; see #3 above) and simply ask her to stop seeing him. Appeal to her good side by expressing how much damage she is causing your family.

5. Your best leverage point is with your husband:

There is a drawback to all of the above-mentioned solutions, even when they prove successful: getting the other woman to stop cheating with your husband does not solve the root of the problem, which is this fact: your husband made a conscious decision to cheat on you. By only addressing the other woman’s role in the situation, what’s to stop him from doing it again and again? You need to work with your husband to end not only this affair, but his desire to engage in future affairs, as well.

Consider these 5 tips for ending your husband’s affair with another woman.