How to Structure and Phrase Your Wedding day Invitation

The wedding invites are a person of the most import levels of the preparations for the wedding day. They set the tone of the day and give your guests their to start with sign of the design and style and concept. They explain to them when and in which the wedding ceremony will be held and how formal it will be. For your visitors the wedding invites are the most important element in the guide up to your marriage. The importance of the marriage ceremony invites or marriage ceremony stationery are not able to be understated and receiving the marriage stationery wording accurate is essential.

It is not unusual to sense overcome, confused, or even uncertain about which traditions to observe when deciding on the structure and wording of your marriage invites. Regular invitation wording and etiquette serves only as a tutorial or a commencing stage. Your marriage ceremony stationery need to seize your person figures and convey the tone in which you desire to express your wedding day. There is no right or improper.

Normally, a wedding invitation is divided into four unique sections, i.e. the hosts, the company, the day, time and location of the ceremony and reception. This posting examines every single of the sections contained in a normal wedding invitation and delivers some guidance to the reader.

1. The hosts of the wedding day

The hosts of the marriage ceremony can be the bride’s parents, the bride and groom, or the moms and dads of the two the bride and groom. It was custom that the brides dad and mom hosted the marriage ceremony, nonetheless nowadays the greater part of couples host the wedding day by themselves frequently with the guidance of equally sets of parents. There are a wide range of various wording choices relying on who is internet hosting. The next ideas are supplied as direction.

If the Bride and Groom are internet hosting the marriage themselves, a person of the adhering to wording selections probably considered:

The honour of your presence is ask for at the relationship of…

Anne Smith and John James request the honour of your existence at their marriage…

Anne Smith and John James with each other with their people/mother and father desire to invite you, to join them on the occasion of their relationship…

Collectively with their families/parents Anne Smith and John James ask for the honour of your existence on the event of their marriage…

In the case wherever the bride and groom’s moms and dads are hosting the wedding:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith


Mr. and Mrs. William James

ask for the pleasure of your organization

at the marriage of their kids…

Eventually if it is the bride’s mothers and fathers that are internet hosting the wedding then the pursuing maybe utilized:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

ask for the enjoyment of your corporation

at the relationship of their daughter

Anne Smith to John James

It has generally been the tradition that the bride’s identify be talked about first on the wedding day invitation. This possibly spelled out by the fact that traditionally the bride’s mother and father compensated for the wedding day. It is not unusual presently for the groom’s name to be stated first. In the end this is a personalized preference and the determination of which name appears to start with resides with the bride and groom.

2. Addressing the company – working with their suitable titles.

Addressing the wedding attendees with their right titles displays considered, consideration and respect. In today’s planet a multitude of distinctive titles exist which makes this process all the extra complicated. The best course of motion is to use typical perception and be regular, having said that it is not as basic as utilizing Mr and Mrs on your wedding ceremony invitations. Some of your invitee’s might have diverse title’s. When addressing a partner and spouse who share the very same past title the norm is to use Mr and Mrs i.e. Mr and Mrs John Owens. Similarly if they will not share the identical very last name, the norm is to deal with them as Mr John Owens and Mrs Sinead Flynn. If either of these guests is a Medical professional then only substitute Dr for Mr/Mrs. Divided or divorced couples should really acquire separate invitations and if they have a new lover, then the norm is to contain this partners title. In the case of homosexual and lesbian partners the same principles apply but you should name the companions in alphabetical purchase. At last, when inviting a solitary particular person who will be bringing a day it is acceptable to include things like “as well as one” after their name.

3. Date, time and location

Customarily on official wedding ceremony invitations the figures and time were spelled out e.g. “The fifteenth of April two thousand and fourteen at just one thirty in the afternoon”. The structure of your wedding ceremony theme will dictate whether or not the figures in the day and time are spelled out or remaining in numeric form. With modern-day wedding invites the latter is getting the norm. The location of the wedding ceremony ceremony follows the day and can appear just before the time. The reception site then follows. An illustration of normal day, time and place layouts could be:

St Oliver Plunket Church, Boora, Co. Offaly at 1:30 in the afternoon

Celebrations to comply with at Dooley’s resort Birr.


To be held at two 30 in the afternoon of Sunday the twelfth of January two thousand and fourteen at St. Finnian’s Church, Kinnitty, Co. Offaly

and later on at Kinnitty Castle for festive banquet and cheer

A normal marriage invitation is divided into the sections as outlined above, i.e. the hosts, the attendees, date and time, and the areas of the ceremony and reception. It is also appropriate to contain an RSVP contact selection or electronic mail deal with on modern-day wedding day invites, or a separate RSVP card can be incorporate as was classic. If opting for the extra card make certain that the title of the visitors and a stamp tackled envelope are integrated. An RSVP reply date of at the very least just one thirty day period before the wedding ought to also be suggested to your company.

For your company the wedding invitations are the most significant aspect in the lead up to your marriage ceremony. The data they obtain aids them come to a decision on their outfits and makes it possible for them to make the important arrangements to show up at. Several company might have to vacation a long length and consequently it is acceptable to include instructions and a record of accommodation. This is additional info which is not incorporated on the wedding invitation but instead on a separate card integrated in the marriage stationery pack sent to the attendees. The norm is to include things like a map and instructions to both equally the venues for the ceremony and reception, and a checklist of accommodation including inns and mattress and breakfast vendors.