Pros And Cons of the Various Types of Fashion Headbands

Wearing fashion headbands has become a very popular trend in the world of fashion. While the fashion headband trend is already very popular, its popularity is only increasing. This increasing popularity has caused a huge influx of manufacturers and suppliers of fashion headbands. There are not only many more places you can now go to get them, there is a substantially larger selection than there has ever been before. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 most popular kinds of fashion headbands: Cloth, Plastic, and Wire.

Cloth fashion headbands are obviously softer than plastic or metal and therefore are potentially much more comfortable to the wearer. However, this comfort is not without a drawback. Cloth headbands don’t stay in place nearly as well as plastic or wire, particularly when a lot of head movement is involved. Cloth has the potential of being rather expensive as well if you were looking for a cloth headband made of high end and expensive fabric.

Plastic fashion headbands are less comfortable than cloth but they are more likely to stay in place much more reliably. Plastic is also typically going to be the cheapest route. Now the word “cheap” was used intentionally because it will be cheaper than cloth and wire as far as price goes as well as cheaper with regards to quality. Plastic will most likely be the least expensive route. They will also be more likely to break much more quickly.

Wire/metal fashion headbands have the potential to be the most expensive because of the amount of customisation they are able to withstand. Using a large amount of sequins for example on a wire headband takes more materials and more time to make, both of which will increase the markup on the headband. Change the sequins to diamonds and its not hard to see that they can become an extremely expensive piece of your wardrobe. Wire headbands stay in place much more reliably than do cloth and they are much less likely to break than plastic.

Cloth, plastic, and wire headbands all have their pros and cons. Just figure out which pros you value more and which cons you’d rather avoid.