Severe Martial Arts Body-Conditioning: Shaolin ‘Iron Cloth Shirt’!

The 72 Solution Battling Exercise routines or ‘Kungs’ of the Shaolin Temple fall into two individual types: Comfortable Yin/Rou Interior Energy Instruction or Tricky Yang/Gang Exterior Energy Instruction. Iron Fabric Shirt or ‘Tie Shan Bu Gong’, a defensive example of the latter, supplies intense external physique-conditioning for these obtaining this Artwork. As ever, these Shaolin Temple Mystery Arts require extended, intensive instruction extremes but can deliver remarkable results.

Technological Examination

Iron Fabric Shirt/Tie Bu Shan Gong is designed to produce the back, shoulders, upper body and arms. The skin, elastic and flexible, routinely stays intact, even when muscle mass problems occurs and bones are damaged. This extraordinary Shaolin Wei Gung Training utilizes exterior overall body-conditioning to improve the body’s interior.

Iron Fabric Shirt strengthens the muscle groups and bones, significantly the latter. Bones’ challenging and brittle mother nature tends to make them vulnerable to breaks and vulnerable to fractures. Tie Bu San Gung develops the bones until eventually they come to be tricky, solid and resilient sufficient to face up to all kinds of Combating and Instruction.


A wooden-body requirements to be manufactured employing two wood posts close to 8 toes prolonged. These are buried three-feet deep in the floor, somewhere around four toes apart.The two upright posts are then joined together with an iron-bar set across them, about one particular foot from the prime and a pit all over a person foot deep is dug right away down below. This is loaded with high-quality-sand, sawdust or a mixture of both.

Very best practised in the mornings, the Tie Bu Shan Gong scholar ought to mount the apparatus and squat down upon the iron-bar. Then, falling forwards, straightening the legs at the same time, with arms out-extensive, chest outstretched and chin pulled again, the student falls chest-very first, into the pre-well prepared pit.

When Iron Fabric Shirt is 1st practised, the torso is wrapped-round liberally with fabric and other acceptable elements, for safety. Complete upper body-therapeutic massage, with Chinese Medicinal Wine/Dit Da Jeow, to stop inside injuries really should, equally, precede every exercise-session. After close to two decades of typical exercise these safety measures can be dispensed with. The still left and proper shoulders and fore-arms can then be conditioned in a comparable manner.

Special Needs

‘Iron Bullock Arts’ an Exterior Electric power Schooling Physical exercise of the abdomen must always be executed before Iron Fabric Shirt follow. The combined final result really should be a human body hard as stone, impervious to attack by any weapon.


1 of the Four Heroic Shaolin Monks (Si Yi) is credited with the progress of this exercising, which is a obligatory portion of Monk Teaching. These have been the Monks’ only casualties at the Battle of Wenjiagang for the duration of the Ming dynasty when hundreds of Japanese ‘Wako’ Pirates were slain.