The Tongueless Female of Glamis Castle

Among the numerous ghosts said to haunt Glamis Castle, the lady with no tongue is a single of the a lot more well-recognized. She is explained to race all-around the grounds on moonlit evenings, frantically pointing to her hideously mutilated mouth.

Standing close to the city of Forfar in Angus, Glamis is 1 of the premier and most remarkable of Scotland’s castles. The childhood home of the Queen Mother and the birthplace of Princess Margaret, the castle is the ancestral seat of the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and has been residence to the Lyon relatives since 1372.

There have been numerous ghost sightings at the castle, and many supernatural tales have amassed more than the many years. The notorious ‘Tongueless Woman’, also recognized as the ‘Weeping Woman’, is one of the oldest. Her origins continue being obscure, even though she has been tenuously joined to a extremely odd incident courting from the 19th century.

It is really mentioned that a guest at Glamis, being up late a person night time, was standing at his window when he observed a person searching back at him from a window opposite. A ghostly deal with, deathly pale, and with big sad eyes which appeared to be striving to draw in interest. Whilst the bewildered guest seemed on, the peculiar facial area abruptly vanished, as if snatched away by superhuman force.

There then adopted a collection of awful screams, further more alarming the guest as they thundered via the castle and out into the night.

Continue to emotion shaken, even right after an hour had elapsed, the guest returned to the window. Nonetheless he was only to be even more disturbed. Another person was prowling about in the courtyard down below. A sinister determine, resembling a decrepit previous woman, slowly but surely skulked into the moonlight. She was practically bent double with what appeared to be big bundle or bag on her again. The visitor watched as she slowly but surely faded into the darkness.

Who did the ghostly face belong to? And what was in the bag borne by the sinister old female? A range of persons, which includes staff members at the castle, have claimed to have seen the confront, still starring out of a window. There are individuals who feel it belonged to a servant, claiming that she was an regrettable witness to some ghastly criminal offense. The removal of her tongue was to brutally silence her, and an substitute edition tells of how the very poor woman’s arms were being severed as properly.

The account goes on to relate that some decades afterwards, our previous Glamis guest was travelling in a distant aspect of Italy. When viewing a monastery, he was presented some alternatively alarming news. A monk told him of a female who resided at a close by nunnery. Seemingly she was quite gorgeous and employed to operate at a fantastic household in Scotland, where by she had been given horrific accidents. The visitor learnt that her hands had been chopped off. And her tongue reduce out.

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