Trying a Massage Chair in the Mall

Have you ever tried a massage chair? Maybe you have seen them at a car wash, airport or mall? You usually see people in a fully recline position with a big smile on their face. There body tends to be moving about as the massage penetrates and soothes their tight muscles. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, there is no line. That may be your only chance to take a seat and see what a massage chair is all about.

When you first sit down in a massage chair, it should be comfortable. It should be warm and inviting. The upholstery should be soft and the cushions need to be cushy. You know it has to be comfy or forget it.

Next, you want to grab the remote control. Okay, now I’ve got control. But before I take this thing for a ride, I want to get more comfortable. I push the recline button down. The whole chair starts to move the leg rest inclines while the chair back to recline. Now this is fun.

Let’s see what some of these buttons do anyway. I push the main power on. I select the first automatic program I can push. Wow, the whole massage chair comes alive. It is massaging my back. It is massaging my feet. It is even massaging my butt.

I let the massage chair work me over. I am squirming left and right as the massage starts to work its magic on my body. I fight the massage chair a little bit at first. I tense up which defeats the whole purpose of the massage. Now, I relax and let it start to relieve the tension.

I start to settle down now a little bit, my breathing is more rigid make and relaxed. I’m starting to relax my muscles as the massage chair starts to penetrate and soothe them. A small smile starts to come across my face as my tension starts to become relieved. This is just what the doctor ordered.

I let the massage chair continue to work me over. The automatic program feels pretty good it sitting most of the major areas. It provides pretty good coverage and is soothing my entire body. I didn’t realize how much I really needed this.

I notice as the massage rollers go up to my shoulder area that I start to flinch. I have a particular area that seems to be more tense than others. Every time the roller passes their, I squirm away from it. I become conscious of this and now I want the massage recliner to relieve it.

I look back up to the remote control and look at the manual massage techniques. I think I’ll try a kneading massage. The kneading massage begins but it is going all the way up and down my back. I find an icon on the remote control showing the upper back. I push this button. The rollers now concentrate just in my shoulder area.

Okay, now I want to take care of this type shoulder muscle. I let the rollers get closer to the area and I take a deep breath. The rollers start to stretch this type muscle. I fight it at first but the massage chair is relentless.

The massage chair is now performing a kneading massage right between my shoulder blades. There is a tight muscle that just aches. The kneading massage is doing its job and begins to loosen it up. It penetrates deeper until finally pop! There it goes, now this release. A big smile crosses my face from ear to ear.

I open my eyes and I see a lot of people watching me and waiting their turn for the massage chair. I must have given them a good show because they were all smiling and snickering. But, I am the one with the biggest smile from the effective massage of this wonderful massage chair.